Mobile Gaming and Its Influence on the Future of the Whole Gaming Industry

Mobile Gaming and Its Influence on the Future of the Whole Gaming Industry

Mobile gaming has always been stigmatized by the quality trade-off in terms of video, audio, graphics, and game complexity.  These critiques were solid for quite a period of time due to the look and feel of mobile games.  Fortunately, the advent of new and better-equipped smartphones are now providing players with the total and complete gaming experience.  Where before mobile game developers were limited by the hardware, now they can freely develop games for mobile phones with better specifications.  Smartphones, like ASUS and Razer, are now capable of mimicking a total gaming experience but in a smaller form.

Smartphones are now deeply ingrained in our daily lives.  Mobile entertainment has also become as normal to us as watching tv, reading books or newspapers, or playing games on our PCs.  In fact, some mobile games are just as full-featured as their counterparts for consoles or PCs.  Furthermore, the gameplay itself is not limited or compartmentalized.

We have recently seen a huge shift from the big industry players.  Games like GTA5 and Fortnite have their online versions where more revenue is generated thru their in-app purchases.  The industry continues to advance and grow. That is why mobile games, because of their free-to-play format, are in the best position of gaining importance, prestige, and influence.  An example of a successful free-to-play game is Candy Crush and its immensely popular franchise.

This is why we see large game producers like Ubisoft making the shift from console and PC games to mobile ones.  Revenue streams are better and higher with mobile games, especially with their in-app offers.  The question now is not if other big companies follow suit, but, how soon will they do so?

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