What Award-Winning Website Designers Did Right

What Award-Winning Website Designers Did Right

With Malaysia’s increase in mobile users and mobile game players, developers are now facing a new set of challenges. Malaysians now want a more responsive and accessible web design.  In fact, more than a quarter of the nation’s digital users are mainly mobile-only users. This means that if your website is not accessible and responsive, it cuts off more than 20% of the users. Furthermore. a great and responsive design means an increase in web traffic.

The internet is full of amazing website design, Malaysia, in particular, a stand out performer. The only challenge is to find the best ones. Plus, not knowing where to start looking can contribute to the difficulty. Fortunately, websites like the Awwwards, CSS Awards, and the Webby Awards, assist in highlighting which sites to take inspiration from.

The sites that are on the list are not only great to look at, but also have the best information architecture, user interface (UI), and marketing tactics. However, it is important to remember that these sites should only serve as inspiration. They should not be copied. Instead, they should be studied and analyzed. So without further delay, here are the award-winning website designs.


This site focuses on showing-off their products and clearly outlines its features. It focuses on the products’ quality, features, and testimonials. The site is also quite easy to navigate and allows users to quickly find what they are looking for. This site is the best example for those who want to showcase their product and its important points.


Revols takes a more straightforward approach. The site enlarges their product and makes it look more sophisticated. The developers use macro video and photography techniques to feature their product. This approach allows the users to slowly immerse themselves into the experience their product gives.


Though this website is smaller in scale compared to the others on the list, it still has one of the best designs.  It allows the customer to see how their service works. Plus, it aesthetically puts into focus the features of their software.  The site makes use of small interactive elements to help demonstrate how it works.

Campos Coffee

Some customers like to know how and where the product was made. They also want to make sure that it is made by companies that deliver quality products. So, enterprises like Campos Coffee know how exactly to present themselves. The business uses the site to show just how much effort and time were used to produce their coffee. The site also showcases the benefits you receive and give back to the community.


The quirky animation of this site’s homepage sets it apart from the rest.  It draws the user’s attention directly upon opening the site. The animation is also carried out throughout the rest of the site. Plus, it is placed next to the content boxes which makes the design more effective. Furthermore, the design also focuses on how the page looks like as it loads up.  The attention to small details makes the design more professional.

A website markets the image and reputation your brand represents.  It provides a lasting impact on your future clients as well.  An effective and innovative design greatly contributes to a successful brand. It is like playing a game, the aesthetics and the dynamics matter.


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