Top Solid Waste Management Association of North America Awardees for 2018

Top Solid Waste Management Association of North America Awardees for 2018

Yet again, the Solid Waste Management Association of North America successfully awarded the top solid waste management and removal companies with the most outstanding eco-sound waste management practices, facilities, and programs. Held at Wastecon on the 22 of August 2018, the event acknowledged all stakeholders who had demonstrated excellence in worker and community safety and health, technological nourishment in system design and operations, and effective outreach programs and public education. Downright to its objectives and targets, the event successfully highlighted and awarded everyone who had showcased prudence in complying with the local, federal, territorial, and provincial regulations while using environmentally and monetarily responsible programs and practices to provide best waste management and dumpster rental Stratford CT services.

2018 Awards

Awareness Campaign Award

This award recognizes those who have outlasted others in creating and implementing superior educational and marketing campaigns that enlightened the masses about the perfect practices in managing solid wastes. The winners for 2018 were:

Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation “Let’s recycle RIght!”won the Gold award.

City of Nanaimo Public Works Department, British Columbia “Sort Toss Roll Automated Waste Collection Program” won the Silver award

City of Hamilton, Ontario “Can You Green Your Routine?” and City of Toronto, Ontario “Recycle Right” won the Bronze award.

SWANA Collection System Excellence Award

The award went to City of Greenville Public Works Solid Waste Division, South Carolina “Automated Collection System”

SWANA Composting System Excellence Award

The 2018’s winner for this award was RUR Greenlife Pvt., Ltd., Mumbai, India “Decentralized and Sustainable Composting System”

SWANA Educational Program Excellence Award

This award comes in two different packages. The 2018 winners were:

City of Toronto, Ontario “The Mayor’s Towering Challenge” won the Gold excellence badge.

City of St. Albert, Alberta “Curbside Waste Education Program” won the Bronze excellence badge.

SWANA Integrated Solid Waste Management System Excellence Award

The 2018’s winner for the SWANA integrated solid waste management system excellence badge was Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine, British Columbia

SWANA Landfill Gas and Biogas Excellence Awards

In this year’s SWANA awards, Seneca Landfill, Inc. “Seneca Landfill CNG Fueling Station” managed to outsmart all the other players and scooped the SWANA landfill Gas and Biogas Excellence award.

SWANA Landfill Management Excellence Award

The 2018 Landfill Management Excellence award was a tie between OC Waste and Recycling, California “Prima Deshecha Landfill” and PVT Land Company, Hawaii “Integrated Solid Waste Management Facility”.

SWANA Recycling System Excellence Award

Penn Waste, Inc., Pennsylvania “45-tph Single Stream System Retrofit” is 2018’s best performing company when it comes to creating and implementing technologically rich and award-winning recycling systems.

SWANA Waste-to-Energy Excellence Award

The 2018 winner for the SWANA waste-to-Energy Excellence award is Regional Municipality of Durham, Ontario “Durham York Energy Centre”

SWANA Special Waste Management Excellence Award

In 2018, the SWANA Special Waste Management Excellence Award was a silver tie between County of Wellington Solid Waste Services Division, Ontario “Mobile Household Hazardous Waste Depot” and PVT Land Company, Hawaii “C&D landfill in Nanakuli”.

SWANA Transfer Station Excellence Award

King County Solid Waste Division, Washington “Factoria Recycling and Transfer Station” was 2018’s winner for the SWANA Transfer Station Excellence Award.

SWANA Landfill Redevelopment Excellence Award

This year’s award for the SWANA Landfill Redevelopment Excellence Award went to City of Tacoma, Washington “Landfill Redevelopment Projects”

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