Video Game Movies that Deserve an Award

Video Game Movies that Deserve an Award

There aren’t many video game movies that earn positive feedback. Most are just so bad they earn a terrible reputation. Luckily, not all video game movies are bad. There are also those that deserve an award, and we list them down below. Below is the list of best video game movies to watch right now. Credit goes to putlocker for the list.

Mortal Combat

This is by far the best video game movie ever. It has stayed true to the source material, and it has elements from the initial entries of the game series. The characters are depicted almost the same as in the original lot.

The original Mortal Combat shows that there is hope in the video game movies. The production has successfully managed to bring the characters that were in the game to life. Each character has a developed back-story that helps the audience connect with them. They have various motivations to fight which are very interesting, making the audience genuinely care about them.

Super Mario Bros

This video game has absolutely nothing to do with the movie. This is why it may not be as popular as expected. It is a very terrible movie. In fact, it is this terribleness that puts in at the top of the list. It is actually so bad that it is good. It is a great movie to riff off with friends. The production design, however, is very good and is on point. The set is intricately designed with much detail. One of the characters, ‘dinohattan’ looks like he is Nickelodeon and Blade Runner illegitimate child. The car design and the street designs are also very impressive.

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time

This movie seems to be more of an old-fashioned adventure movie set in the 40’s or 50’s as compared to a video game. It has a nostalgic sense of adventure. The film also has very entertaining action sequences. It makes use of parkour movement, swordplay and hand-to-hand combat, which adds to the thrill of the action movie.

Silent Hill

This video game film is unlike the rest. It goes instead for the slow approach, building tension as the movie progresses. The movie raises psychological horror, which results in a very scary thrill. Unlike most horror movies which focus more on blood and gore, Silent Hill focuses more on making you wonder what is real and what is unreal. It messes up your mind in a good way. It also has one of the most intricate designs to be ever put in any video game. The monsters from the game look like they actually came to life. Together with the modern gothic style that the town has and the clever use of the camera makes, this film is truly remarkable.

Although many video game movies have spoilt the name, there are still a few which are worth it. They have successfully managed to surpass the stereotype. These movies truly deserve an award for being able to stand out from the rest.

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