Top Celebrity Clothing Lines Of All Time

Top Celebrity Clothing Lines Of All Time

Big fans as we are, we always contain that so much excitement to follow the lifestyles of our favorite celebrities. We even copy their dress styles and let them change our sense of fashion. That is when famous celebrities find a way to extend a profitable business network in the fashion industry. There are many celebrities and famous personalities who have the ability to fascinate their fans in the way they dress. Read more on about how they enchant the crowd to patronize their clothing and fashion business. Listed below are some of the celebrities who were able to make it to the fashion industry.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, also known as the Olsen Twins, were popularized by the television sitcom series entitled “Full House” which was launched in the year 1987. The twins started their clothing line business in the year 2006 which they branded as The Row. In the year 2012, they won their first Women’s Wear Designers of the Year award from the Council of Fashion Designers of America, Inc., which is better known as the CFDA award. Aside from The Row, they also run another label which is more affordable and has been named after their younger siblings, The Elizabeth and James clothing lines.

Mandy Moore

Here comes the singer, song-writer Mandy Moore, who also happened to be a popular actress from the famous movie titled “A Walk to Remember.” This talented celebrity had also put up her own clothing business. Standing tall at 5’10”, she found it difficult to buy a shirt that would fit her body build perfectly fine, so she was inspired to start up a youthful brand of clothing lines which dominated most of the major department stores.

Jennifer Lopez

Can you still remember the song “Let’s Get Loud” which usually invites you to sing, dance and sway with so much fun? Well, that was popularized by the very sexy Jennifer Lopez, another well-known celebrity who found out that she has a heart for the fashion business. In 2003, she launched her Jennifer Lopez Collection which showcased different styles – from street wear designs to classy styles.

Avril Lavigne

Another popular star, singer, song-writer Avril Lavigne who popularized the song “Complicated” had also found a profitable niche in the fashion world. She launched her punk-inspired clothing line in the year 2008 which has defined her very own rock and roll fashion style. The young generation would surely love her custom hoodies, sweatshirts and punky pants.

Puff Daddy

Fashion business does not belong for females only. It also has a space for our fashionable men in the entertainment world. The very famous American rapper, singer, song-writer Puff Daddy or P. Diddy who sang “Can’t Anybody Hold Me Down” and “No Way Out” had ruled most of the major department stores all over the world for launching his very own clothing line that sells a wide range of clothing items from custom hoodies to punk jeans, sweatshirts and hooded jackets that will surely magnetize the heart of his fans to patronize his fashion style.

Launching a clothing business is indeed profitable. It is because fashion does not only represent a luxurious lifestyle as clothes are also a basic necessity. Our famous celebrities are just lucky enough to make their clothing business even bigger because their fashion styles are easily embraced and copied by their fans.

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