Awards Categories

Awards Categories

Our honorable judges choose the categories for the year.  They also select the winners of each category.  However, there are recurring awards that are given out annually.  These are:

Game of the Year

Recognizes the game that is the most innovative, creative, visionary, original, and fun.  The innovation can be in the art, style, gameplay, or format.  It also delivers the absolute gaming experience in terms of technicality and creativity.


The winner is chosen by the players who actually play out the games and vote for their favorite one.  They can also invite and entice their family, friends, and others to play and vote for their game of choice.  Voting is done thru SMS and online.

Best Game Direction

This is an award category for the studio with exceptional foresight and innovation in terms of design and direction.

Games with Social Impact

This is an award for interesting and provocative games with a deep social message.

Best Meaningful Play Experience

Games are meant to give joy and pleasure to the player.  Playing them should be fun.  This is given to the game that provides the most meaningful experience to the player.

Best Multiplayer Game

Today, there are plenty of multi-player (MMO) games in the mobile gaming arena.  This award is for the game that appeals to most players.  The multiplayer factor can be real-time, social (where players are required to interact), or with a turn-based strategy.

Best Indie Game Debut

This award recognizes the studio with its first game release for the year.  This award is chosen by the players and fans thru online or SMS voting.

Best Augmented Reality (AR)/Virtual Reality (VR) Game

This is awarded to the game that provides the best playing experience.

Best Game – Handheld

This category is for the best game for a portable/hand-held gaming device.

Best Game – Mobile

This category is for the best game for a mobile device (smartphone or tablet).

Best Audio/Sound Design

This award recognizes the game with the best sound and audio design.

Best Storytelling

This category is for the game with exceptional story development and recountal.

Best in Art Direction

This is awarded to the game with exceptional technical or visionary achievement in animation and creative design.

Additional categories may be introduced through the years based on new developments in the mobile gaming industry.  There may even be regional awards for the most popular and played games in Asia, Europe, and the Americas, for example.