Judging and Selection

Judging and Selection

Call for Entries

An invitation to all game developers, studios, and independent groups is sent out thru the different media.  A simultaneous invitation is also sent out thru the same channels for everyone who would like to participate in judging the Players’ Choice and Best Indie Game categories.

Another simultaneous activity is the invitation, online registration, and pre-qualification of online judges.

Preliminary Selection

Once submissions are made, the panel of online judges is informed of the availability of the games. The judges are assigned their respective categories based on their expertise, experience, and track record.  The basic elements considered in selecting the games are innovation, vision, and originality.

This preliminary selection will result in a maximum of 100 games entering the final selection round.

Final Selection and Judging

The final selection and judging take place within a 4-day period. The Awards jury is composed of renowned personalities with a minimum of five years experience in the industry, in-depth know-how on game development, and exceptional appreciation of the kinds of games currently being played.

The first two days are devoted to the playing of the games.  The judges are divided into groups. They are then asked to play each of the games.  They match the game with the set criteria that they were provided with at the start of the final selection.

Discussions are conducted on the third and fourth days.  The judges present the merits of the games and determine the category each one is to be entered into.  They are then provided with the list of entries per category.  They then start the deliberations and subsequent voting.

This eventually cuts the total number of finalists to 40-50 games.

Majority of the judges should vote for a game to remain on the list. Otherwise, a judge may “champion” a game and convince the others to give it a chance.  If other judges second this move, then they have the opportunity to play the game again.

The category winners are then finalized towards the end of the fourth day.  This also gives time for the resident “auditors” to account for the votes and category winners.