Malcolm Staniford created the Origins Awards in 2005.  What started as an event with only 65 entries expanded into an annual event.  To date, we have more than a thousand participating writers, publishers, studios, game developers, designers, artists, and sound composers from all over the world.  This does not include the online gamers who participated in the pre-testing and preliminary selection of each year’s final roster of contestants. Games were played on phones with a 176 x 220 pixel resolution...

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Awards Categories

Our honorable judges choose the categories for the year.  They also select the winners of each category.  However, there are recurring awards that are given out annually.  These are: Game of the Year Recognizes the game that is the most innovative, creative, visionary, original, and fun.  The innovation can be in the art, style, gameplay, or format.  It also delivers the absolute gaming experience in terms of technicality and creativity.

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Gaming Server

Set A Gaming Server With These Tips

Online games are so popular now that there are gamers who are already professional and are making money through gaming online. It is now a career alternative for young people who want to earn a good income while playing their favorite game. According to this article, the continued popularity and the trend of online gaming will continue to rise in the next few years.
The latest trend of online gaming is also an opportunity for people to set up their own gaming website and host their favorite games. Below are tips to set up your own gaming website and eventually set up your very own gaming server.
Plan What Kind Of Gaming Website You Want To Make.
The first step is to know what kind of gaming website you are planning to build. Are you planning to make a blog for gaming? Or a website dedicated to game developers and publishers? You can also consider personal websites for game streamers and gaming servers for websites.
It is all about knowing what kind of website you want to build. Gathering your idea [..]

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7 Award-winning Games

7 Award-winning Games You Should Explore

Computer games not only help pass free-time, but they also improve your intelligence. The games encourage grit and persistence, which is an essential skill in day-to-day life.
On December 6th, 2018, The Game Awards, an annual game award show was held in Los Angeles. According to futboost.com Here is a list of 7 Award-winning games you must try and game reviews for each.
Assassin`s Creed Odyssey (Ubisoft Quebec/ Ubisoft)
It’s hailed the best game among games with non-player characters. Unlike the popular belief, this game is nothing like the science fiction Assasin`s Creed movie.
The players in this game resemble real humans, each bearing a personality and narrative you will enjoy. Odyssey has the best NPCs cast with numerous characters.
Depending on the character you choose, you get to play in an open-world, exploring tombs and fighting sharks and bears. While most game developers fail to deliver constancy, Assassin`s Creed maintains just that which keeps you interested till the end of the game. [..]

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Best Background Check Services You Can Trust

If you want to check your roommate, new significant other, or new business partner for possible criminal records in the past, then thorough background checks from https://www.top5backgroundchecks.com are the way to go. You may be thinking of doing background checks yourself, but that will only get you as far as the surface of a person’s background. That’s why it’s better to let a more professional background checker do the work for you. There are third-party background check services that you can avail of to know the full history of a person or entity. Here are a few that you can trust.
TruthFinder is one of the best background check services you can find on the internet because they’re so easy to work with. All you have to do is provide some details on the person that you want to find and TruthFinder will fetch them for you. They even have an app that you can use just in case you want to use your mobile phone to avail their services.
If you’re looking for very co [..]

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Top Celebrity Clothing Lines Of All Time

Big fans as we are, we always contain that so much excitement to follow the lifestyles of our favorite celebrities. We even copy their dress styles and let them change our sense of fashion. That is when famous celebrities find a way to extend a profitable business network in the fashion industry. There are many celebrities and famous personalities who have the ability to fascinate their fans in the way they dress. Read more on https://thatshirt.com/custom/hoodies/ about how they enchant the crowd to patronize their clothing and fashion business. Listed below are some of the celebrities who were able to make it to the fashion industry.
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, also known as the Olsen Twins, were popularized by the television sitcom series entitled “Full House” which was launched in the year 1987. The twins started their clothing line business in the year 2006 which they branded as The Row. In the year 2012, they won their first Women’s Wear Designers of the Year award from the Co [..]

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The Most Popular Android and iOS Fashion Games Today

Almost every type of game is now available for Android and iOS users. Even fashion games are on the rise for girls who love to play such games. From dressing up a character to choosing the most stylish outfit, every girl will surely have fun playing these fashion games.
Here is a list of the most popular fashion games that you can play on your Android or iOS phone. Play like a personal stylist to every character and come up with the best dress style for her.
Kim Kardashian: Hollywood
Kim Kardashian: Hollywood lets you experience the life of an aspiring Hollywood star. Your character will go through different scenarios and challenges which are aimed to rise to the top of Hollywood. Style up your character from a variety of clothing and available outfits and even achieve the look of Kim Kardashian. Experience the life of a famous actress, top model, or fashion designer. Enjoy meeting celebrities, clubbing, going to expensive boutiques, and many more. You can also choose to find hot celebrities to f [..]

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Cryptocurrencies in Gaming

Experiencing Cryptocurrencies in Gaming

A lot of gamers have no idea about the existence of cryptocurrencies in the games they usually play.  In case you don’t have any idea about it too, cryptocurrency is actually a digital asset designed with the idea of making it work as an exchange medium in cryptography that can help secure transactions and take control of the idea of producing an additional unit in terms of currency. Perhaps, a lot of people don’t get to know how in-game currencies make everything more interesting when it is utilized to buy old school runescape gold in video games.
Most type of cryptocurrencies is actually decentralized—which means that there is no specific organization that takes control of the currency. The value of this cryptocurrencies and the transaction where it is being used depends entirely on the persons who are using them and mining it.
Why Cryptocurrencies Are More Interesting than Virtual Currencies
While both may have advantages and disadvantages, there is no mistake that cryptocurrency is more interesting than vi [..]

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Video Game Movies

Video Game Movies that Deserve an Award

There aren’t many video game movies that earn positive feedback. Most are just so bad they earn a terrible reputation. Luckily, not all video game movies are bad. There are also those that deserve an award, and we list them down below. Below is the list of best video game movies to watch right now. Credit goes to putlocker for the list.
Mortal Combat
This is by far the best video game movie ever. It has stayed true to the source material, and it has elements from the initial entries of the game series. The characters are depicted almost the same as in the original lot.
The original Mortal Combat shows that there is hope in the video game movies. The production has successfully managed to bring the characters that were in the game to life. Each character has a developed back-story that helps the audience connect with them. They have various motivations to fight which are very interesting, making the audience genuinely care about them.
Super Mario Bros
This video game has absolutely nothing to do with the movie. This is wh [..]

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Top Solid Waste Management Association of North America Awardees for 2018

Yet again, the Solid Waste Management Association of North America successfully awarded the top solid waste management and removal companies with the most outstanding eco-sound waste management practices, facilities, and programs. Held at Wastecon on the 22 of August 2018, the event acknowledged all stakeholders who had demonstrated excellence in worker and community safety and health, technological nourishment in system design and operations, and effective outreach programs and public education. Downright to its objectives and targets, the event successfully highlighted and awarded everyone who had showcased prudence in complying with the local, federal, territorial, and provincial regulations while using environmentally and monetarily responsible programs and practices to provide best waste management and dumpster rental Stratford CT services.
2018 Awards
Awareness Campaign Award
This award recognizes those who have outlasted others i [..]

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The Most Anticipated Fall 2018 Video Games

Autumn is here and with it comes the launch of some of the most exciting video games to debut in 2018. These include popular titles such as Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. So, sit back, relax, put on your custom hoodies canada with your favorite game’s main character and check out the list to see some of the most anticipated video games for Fall 2018.
1. Mega Man 11
This game will be out on October 2 and it will be available on Xbox One, a personal computer (PC), Switch, and PlayStation 4. It still has the classic 2D platforming action, but it is combined with 3D characters. In Mega Man 11, Mega Man must battle Robot Masters. Then, he can take on their powerful weapons to completely change his appearance and skill. Look out for the new Double Gear system that will boost Mega Man’s power and speed. Plus, there are also extra modes including various missions, time trials, and global leaderboards. While waiting for the game to come out, why not come up with some cool designs for custom t [..]

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A Big Achievement for CBD Oils

Acquisition International recognized online CBD Marketplace CBD Oil Solutions as Best Vaping Consumables Provider for 2018. They are the first ones to win such a recognition. And for an online market, it is such a great achievement. In less than a year, they already won their second prestigious award since their launch in late 2017. The business excellence awards are given annually just like the Origin Awards. They call out for entries then they select the ones who are qualified to win based on their criteria for their judging. CBD oil solutions worked very hard for their success and they really showed that they deserve the award. Acquisition International is a magazine by Global Media Ltd. publishing monthly to report on corporate, finance, and other news.
CBD Oil Solutions
A group of business professionals created CBD Oil Solutions. There was one founder with a liver disease who tried the product but had a hard time getting it to the market. The team worked together and formulated an online mark [..]

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What Award-Winning Website Designers Did Right

With Malaysia’s increase in mobile users and mobile game players, developers are now facing a new set of challenges. Malaysians now want a more responsive and accessible web design.  In fact, more than a quarter of the nation’s digital users are mainly mobile-only users. This means that if your website is not accessible and responsive, it cuts off more than 20% of the users. Furthermore. a great and responsive design means an increase in web traffic.
The internet is full of amazing website design, Malaysia, in particular, a stand out performer. The only challenge is to find the best ones. Plus, not knowing where to start looking can contribute to the difficulty. Fortunately, websites like the Awwwards, CSS Awards, and the Webby Awards, assist in highlighting which sites to take inspiration from.
The sites that are on the list are not only great to look at, but also have the best information architecture, user interface (UI), and marketing tactics. However, it is important to remember that these sites should onl [..]

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Exclusive Roll-Out of Fortnite Android on Samsung Galaxy Starts Today

The beta release of Fortnite Android was formally announced during the “Samsung Galaxy Note 9” launching last Thursday. During the event, CEO Tim Sweeney of Epic Games confirmed that owners of this new device are exclusively invited to try the beta.  This invitation starts immediately and comes with a specialized skin for their new mobile phones.
However, this invitation will be extended to other mobile users in the next few days.  These include users of other Samsung smartphone models (S7, S8, Note 8, Note 9 and Tab S4). Other phone brands and models will, thereafter, gain similar access to the beta game.
The beta download file size is 1.88 GB.  The game requires a consistent and stable internet connection.  Interested gamers have to enlist to gain access to the beta thru Fortnite.com/Android.
Fortnite is currently available for your PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and p [..]

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Mobile Gaming and Its Influence on the Future of the Whole Gaming Industry

Mobile gaming has always been stigmatized by the quality trade-off in terms of video, audio, graphics, and game complexity.  These critiques were solid for quite a period of time due to the look and feel of mobile games.  Fortunately, the advent of new and better-equipped smartphones are now providing players with the total and complete gaming experience.  Where before mobile game developers were limited by the hardware, now they can freely develop games for mobile phones with better specifications.  Smartphones, like ASUS and Razer, are now capable of mimicking a total gaming experience but in a smaller form.
Smartphones are now deeply ingrained in our daily lives.  Mobile entertainment has also become as normal to us as watching tv, reading books or newspapers, or playing games on our PCs.  In fact, some mobile games are just as full-featured as their counterparts for consoles or PCs.  Furthermore, the gameplay itself is not limited or compartmentalized. [..]

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