Malcolm Staniford created the Origins Awards in 2005.  What started as an event with only 65 entries expanded into an annual event.  To date, we have more than a thousand participating writers, publishers, studios, game developers, designers, artists, and sound composers from all over the world.  This does not include the online gamers who participated in the pre-testing and preliminary selection of each year’s final roster of contestants. Games were played on phones with a 176 x 220 pixel resolution...

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Awards Categories

Our honorable judges choose the categories for the year.  They also select the winners of each category.  However, there are recurring awards that are given out annually.  These are: Game of the Year Recognizes the game that is the most innovative, creative, visionary, original, and fun.  The innovation can be in the art, style, gameplay, or format.  It also delivers the absolute gaming experience in terms of technicality and creativity.

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Exclusive Roll-Out of Fortnite Android on Samsung Galaxy Starts Today

The beta release of Fortnite Android was formally announced during the “Samsung Galaxy Note 9” launching last Thursday. During the event, CEO Tim Sweeney of Epic Games confirmed that owners of this new device are exclusively invited to try the beta.  This invitation starts immediately and comes with a specialized skin for their new mobile phones.
However, this invitation will be extended to other mobile users in the next few days.  These include users of other Samsung smartphone models (S7, S8, Note 8, Note 9 and Tab S4). Other phone brands and models will, thereafter, gain similar access to the beta game.
The beta download file size is 1.88 GB.  The game requires a consistent and stable internet connection.  Interested gamers have to enlist to gain access to the beta thru Fortnite.com/Android.
Fortnite is currently available for your PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and p [..]

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Mobile Gaming and Its Influence on the Future of the Whole Gaming Industry

Mobile gaming has always been stigmatized by the quality trade-off in terms of video, audio, graphics, and game complexity.  These critiques were solid for quite a period of time due to the look and feel of mobile games.  Fortunately, the advent of new and better-equipped smartphones are now providing players with the total and complete gaming experience.  Where before mobile game developers were limited by the hardware, now they can freely develop games for mobile phones with better specifications.  Smartphones, like ASUS and Razer, are now capable of mimicking a total gaming experience but in a smaller form.
Smartphones are now deeply ingrained in our daily lives.  Mobile entertainment has also become as normal to us as watching tv, reading books or newspapers, or playing games on our PCs.  In fact, some mobile games are just as full-featured as their counterparts for consoles or PCs.  Furthermore, the gameplay itself is not limited or compartmentalized. [..]

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